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Paid search marketing or Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is the fastest way to place your website in high search results. PPC is the easiest way to control your budget and the returns of the investment for your campaign.

Pay Per Click PPC ManagementOur PPC team is one of the most experienced PPC team in MENA. We have been managing PPC campaigns since they first appeared in the MENA. We have developed our special techniques for handling all sorts of PPC campaigns. We manage PPC campaigns from the small start-ups to the large established leaders in their sector.

Our PPC Management Services:

PPC Strategy
Customizing a PPC campaign that’s suits you, we study your market, industry sector and competitors. Then we develop a unique marketing plan and strategy that is deliver the results you expect.

We provide that strategy by developing your current campaigns, or establishing a new accounts at different networks if identified.

We ensure that your target keywords are the most appropriate and not wasting your investments. We use advanced techniques to ensure that you cover all the potential search keywords and avoiding those keywords that are not right for your business.

Ads Copy-Writing
We ensure that your ads and campaigns are very concentrated and focused to the selected keywords and matching with your website landing pages. Powered by a strong call to action and a higher conversion rate.

Optimizing a PPC campaign without the proper data analysis and traffic statistics will be like a shot in the dark. This is why we do in the beginning a full data analysis for your market and your traffic statistics; That is give us the right output data we need to optimize your PPC campaign.

PPC Optimization
The continuous optimization leads to refining, focusing and boosting the performance of your campaign and push it beyond the limits. Caring about the detail is your key; A little higher click through rate in your Ad group, a little lower CPC on this keyword – it all makes a difference to your outcome of your campaign.

We generate reports that give meaningful insight into what is going on with your PPC campaign.

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