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Outdoor Advertising

WHAT is Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising covers different kinds of promotional displays ranging from billboards to arena placement and posters. All means are directed to deliver a particular communicating message to the public. The message could be an invitation to take a trip, vote for a politician, give to a charity or buy a product / service.
There are many types of outdoor advertising solutions. Restaurants and hotels usually use billboards on highways to attract customers to rest or a bite. Most of billboard revenue comes from automobile and tourism industries. While for local businesses, public transportation stations are a very efficient feature outdoor advertising. Beverage companies whereas prefer to create many sporting events and arenas.

Why should you use Outdoor Advertising?


  1. Nothing beats the bold and beautiful photos nowadays whether your advertising message is printed on paper or vinyl.
  2. It sounds like Billboards could talk back! Tie your message to a hotline for more information on the ad displayed and keep an eye on the interaction with your advertising message!
  3. Outdoor ads are very efficient. That is why it always has been the best buy.
  4. Outdoor ads are distinguished by the outstanding impression. EgyProTech has many success stories with documented results.
  5. In today’s world, the higher stretching out of home media means there's a customized solution to each and every advertiser.
  6. New technologies enable quicker production processes and posting schedules.
  7. When you get ready, the planning, buying and tracking of your campaign is easier than ever!


Outdoor Advertising Advantages:

  • EgyProTech has a great number of Unipoles all around Egypt to assure a full coverage to reach the largest number of people.
  • People spend more time in their vehicles than they do to read the newspaper and watch the TV news.
  • Outdoor advertising has a lower cost per thousand comparing to any other type of advertising.
  • Unipoles allow you to reach more people faster and easier than any other type of Media.
  • Ads on Unipole are free to customers! They do not have to buy a magazine, a newspaper or cable television to see your advertisement.
  • Outdoor advertising does not interrupt consumer in any way. There's no obnoxious sound, smell or another type of negative attention grabber.
  • Unipoles are noticed because of their messages, bright- bold colors and creative graphics.
  • Mostly, people rely on Unipoles to find places while travelling.
  • Outdoor advertising has a larger audience than any other type of advertising. People are driving further and further every day.
  • A Unipole with an excellent location (inside the city or on a major highway) can attract more attention than any other type of Media.
  • Outdoor advertising is the only type of Media that has constant exposure. No other type of advertising would allow your message displayed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Repetition is extremely helpful when you are trying to raise awareness about your product or get your message across to millions of people. This task can effortlessly be accomplished with Unipole campaigns.
  • Unipoles help increase your product awareness and knowledge that also increase your sales and profits.
  • Outdoor advertising makes it extremely easy to target, or not to target, a particular market.
  • Unipoles have been rated higher than any other type of advertising for their ability to communicate ideas at the lowest possible prices.
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